“After suffering a massive heart attack, and having open heart surgery, I was able to access Physical Therapy via Manatee Hope,Inc. During the course of the 12 weeks of therapy, I was able to increase my endurance and activity level which enabled me to  regain full employment and my independence.” – 62 year old male.

“Manatee Hope helped me and my son during the past few months- if it wasn’t for them my son would not have been able to keep receiving his therapy. I am so grateful and thankful for all they do.” – Maria

“Manatee Hope has saved my life!” I am a mother of two and also a grandmother of two. My dear daughter has a drug problem and I am left taking care of her children. My grandson needed OT and SLP and we also received Counseling services. At one point I was at such a low level I contemplated suicide. If I had not had Manatee Hope to provide me with support I am afraid I would not be here today. I will always be thankful for the help I received at the most critical time of my life. – 59 year old, Grandmother

Humphrey Family Testimonial