Community Events

Keys 100-mile relay Fundraiser

A group of Manatee Hope volunteers got together to participate in a fundraiser opportunity. 6 runners ran as a 100-mile relay team. The event started in Key Largo at 6 am and the six runners alternated running 2-5 miles per person until they got to Key West 100 miles later. 3 years in a row this event was completed. In 2011, the Manatee Hope, all women team, won the event in their class.

Ghost Run

Each year since our dear Julia and Brent Robinson suddenly passed away in a tragic car accident, the non-profit which was formed in their memory, The Robinson Heart and Mind Foundation, has supported Manatee Hope. Through the Ghost Run Fundraiser, they have donated to Manatee Hope year after year. Julia Robinson was a Speech and Language Pathologist who was full of compassion and who had a heart for people.

Recycled Rides-Car Giveaway

Manatee Hope was chosen by All States National Philanthropy, Recycled Rides to receive a car for one of their families that need a vehicle to transport their children to and from doctors or therapeutic appointments. The charity which is a 501 C3 has the final say on who they think is the best fit for the vehicle.

Recycled Rides is a National Philanthropy and Dan Maschmeyer overseas vehicle donations in Florida, and had talked to his team about choosing Manatee Hope to be a recipient for a car to donate to a special family that met the All State Qualifications. The team looked for a vehicle that is reliable and functional for a family in need of transportation.

The special family that was chosen to receive the vehicle is the Wright family. Single mom who did not have a car and relied on others to get both her children to their therapy appointments. One of the children has severe asthma and frequently visits John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for appointments.