About Us

Charity Statement
Who is Manatee Hope? We were established in July of 2007. We are Educators, Therapists, Nurses, Accountants and Community Leaders. We believe that there is a disparity of hope. We have an obligation to address this in order to scratch the surface of this deepening social scar. Although we are a non-political, non-sectarian organization, our goals are based on the following principles:
  • I was a stranger and you fed me, clothed me, visited and took care of me when I was sick
  • Do for others everything you would like them to do for you
  • Without any action, there can be no HOPE
  • Love and help people without seeking anything in return
  • Clothe yourself with mercy, kindness, gentleness, patience and love
Year Mental Health Physical Therapy Speech language Therapy  Occupational Therapy  Total
2016        124            28                 54                 28    234
2017         55            42                323                138    558
2018         54            123                359                288    824


Manatee County Statistics
There are more than 900 homeless children in Manatee County
13.6% of  Manatee County residents are uninsured (more than 35,000 individuals)
56.897 individuals in Manatee County present with a disability
10% of residents are living in poverty. Manatee County ranks among the “top” 100 counties in the USA for highest ratio of HIV per population
Out of 67 counties in Florida, Manatee is the 17th highest in teen pregnancies. Manatee County is the 13th highest in births to teens 10 to 14 years of age.